Christmas is coming!

Christmas is coming!

Thanks to everyone for your overwhelming support of Suitcase Records. We have been a little humbled by how much help and enthusiasm we have received.

If you've been following along with us on social media, you'll know our machine is now fully commissioned and we are pressing records that look as beautiful as they sound.

 So, its time to get your music onto vinyl and into the hands of your fans. 

Industry predictions are that vinyl is going to be one of the hot ticket items this Christmas (last year in the US, there were 2.11 million vinyl record sold between 17 - 23 December and that number is predicted to grow this year.

Suitcase Records Christmas Cheer offer:

Finalise your order with us by 31 August and we'll have your vinyl back to you in December. 

In addition, we have arranged with our good friends at Rockinghorse Records to provide some shelf space for any Suitcase Records December pressing artists in store.

There  are no steak knives included in this deal but we do have restrictions on how many of Christmas offers we can accept. To ensure fairness, we will be taking them as a first-in basis. So this is not the time to hesitate.

If you haven't yet received a quote, you can check out our pricing list here . Make your choice and hit the order now button below.

If you have received a quote - even better. Just reply and tell us you want in for the Christmas package.

Merry Christmas!!!