Vinyl press

Vinyl Colours

The following colour chart shows the range of standard and special order colours we can offer. Please note that the images shown may differ slightly from the final product. 

Standard Colours 

Standard colours are available for all runs from 100 upwards and are included within our standard pricing. 

Special Order Colours (Solid and Clear) 

Special order colours are stock dependent from our supplier. If available, then they can be ordered for all runs from 100 upwards. If stock is not available, special order colours are possible but may incur additional cost. We can check with our supplier and confirm at time of order. 

Custom Colours 

Our supplier can match most PMS colours for custom orders. Custom Colours typically cost more and have a larger order requirement (minimum of 500 units). We can check with our supplier and confirm cost and minimum order size at time of order. 

Sound Quality 

Black is considered the highest audio quality of vinyl compounds, however most solid and clear colours provide a high quality audio result as well. Metallic colours (gold and silver) can have noticeable background noise and this needs to be accepted if selecting these colours.