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Introducing Kathy Wilson – Suitcase Records

When Neil and Kathy decided to create Suitcase Records, the original plan was for Kathy to keep working her day job. After all, someone needed to be sensible right? Plus, she loved her job working as the Project Lead on a super clever system producing content for some of the world’s biggest travel brands.

But you know what they say – if you don’t risk anything, you risk even more. Before the press had even arrived in the country, Kathy had fallen in love with the dream of making records for Australian artists. The more Neil talked about the idea of pressing records, the more she realised that her skills could make Suitcase even better and honestly, she didn’t want to miss out on the fun. 

So she gave her notice (if you’ve seen our Suitcase Records sign, you’ve seen her going-away gift), bought some steel capped boots and joined Neil and Fin at the factory.

Anyone who has already been in touch with Suitcase Records will have spoken with Kathy. She’s the main contact for artists, labels and suppliers, and she makes sure everything runs smoothly in turning dreams into vinyl. She’s also going to be focusing on sustainable initiatives for the business, and building communities to support artists realise their art. Don’t hesitate to contact her if you have any ideas along those lines. Kathy is weirdly enthusiastic about worm farms, large breed dogs (check out the photo of Luna, our factory dog) and has just (belatedly) discovered the joy of Stranger Things.

Kathy Wilson
Kathy Wilson

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