Vinyl press


Wiry and frenetic Bad//Dreems come fast out the gate with their 4th release, ‘HOO HA!’, wielding Australia’s true history like a bludgeon against its own “comfortable suburban banality.” Having performed with the likes of Midnight Oil, At The Drive In, and The Avalanches, Bad//Dreems have long been an act to watch – if you haven’t already, now’s the time to give them a spin.

Check out ‘HOO HA!’ over at the Bad//Dreams bandcamp.

A press photo of the band, standing before a shop front for what looks like a restaurant
The cover image for Bad Dreem's 4th album, 'HOO HA!'. On the cover, Ben Marwe (lead vocalist and guitarist of the band) is seen staring through a split in a wooden door, mimicking the "here's Johnny" scene from the film 'The Shining', with the words "HOO HA!" scratched into the wood.