Vinyl press


Considering this pressing was another one of our first orders, we were quite chuffed here at Suitcase Records to get to work with Hip Hop artist Drapht. Originally from Perth, Drapht is a multi ARIA award winner who, since the release of his first album ‘Who Am I’ in 2005, has become an iconic artist within the Aussie HipHop scene. You may know him for one of his most popular songs ‘Jimmy Recard’ from the album ‘Brothers Grimm’ or for some of his more recent work such as his new single ‘Tomorrow Today’. For this order, we got to press a 180gm black vinyl of Drapht’s 2018 album ‘Arabella Street’. The album is his sixth full length studio album and the vinyl record version (pressed of course by yours truly) is available on Drapht’s website. 

Drapht website:

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