Vinyl press

The Holy Rollercoasters

Inspired by the masters of rhythm and blues, the ecstasy and tragedy of love and the beauty and danger of those who first took pen to paper. The Holy Rollercoasters are soul blues and jazz worshipping Brisbanites, it shall be wild and you shall snap your fingers and wiggle your hips, then ye shall be healed. The octet started kicking around in 2017 and are not one to let their sound stagnate. The collective are embracing new challenges beyond their ecstatic of funk and soul by taking on one of the western world’s oldest recorded tales: Homer’s Odessy, we’re transported into the near future where the newly named Otis (Odysseus) faces similar challenges to his prototypical counterpart in this new desolate Aussie hellscape.

You can purchase Odyssey by The Holy Rollercoasters here.