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Pressing Vinyl in Australia? Here’s what you need to know about Suitcase Records

Our Vinyl Pressing Machine

This is an image of two men working at our vinyl pressing machine. The press is in the process of making a record.

We operate an Allegro II fully automatic record press. The Allegro II is designed and manufactured through a Joint Venture between M-Tech Engineering in Hong Kong and MCS Sironi of Italy.

M-Tech have been producing physical music product manufacturing equipment for 30 years, and have developed the Allegro based on this experience. The design was developed in conjunction with Franco Sironi of MCS Sironi, who ran production for EMI Europe for over 20 years. Together, M-Tech and MCS Sironi have developed the most technologically advanced press available currently.

Our press can produce 140gm and 180gm 12 inch records in black, color and marble variations, and produces a single record every 28 seconds. It also has a semi-automatic function which allows us to produce splatter records which we are currently testing with the aim of providing in 2023.

Our suppliers

We have sourced the best suppliers within Australia and around the world to ensure premium quality pressing.

Lacquer Cutter – Masterdisk

Our Lacquer cutters are Masterdisk – one of the music industry’s legendary names in mastering and vinyl.

masterdisk scott hull
Scott Hull of Masterdisk

Masterdisk has been producing some of the best vinyl out there since 1973. Their legacy includes such huge titles as Nirvana’s Nevermind, Bruce Springsteen’s Born in the USA, AC/DC’s Back in Black, David Bowie’s Let’s Dance, The Police’s Synchronicity, Run-DMC’s Raising Hell, Rush’s Moving Pictures, and Steely Dan’s Two Against Nature.

Scott Hull, the current owner, and operator of Masterdisk has mastered and cut major hit albums in nearly every genre. He has worked with many of the world’s best musicians including Bruce Springsteen, Donald Fagen, Sting, John Mayer, Grammy winner Snarky Puppy, Panic! At The Disco, and pop, punk, and world music from literally all around the world. From his time as an intern at Masterdisk in 1983, to later becoming the owner of the company, Scott has seen the ups and downs of vinyl for almost four decades. 

Scott is, quite simply, a craftsman in the old-school sense of the word, and speaking with him is like a masterclass in vinyl knowledge. Suitcase Records is looking forward to working closely with Scott and Masterdisk to prepare and cut master lacquers for their presses. 

“When I learned about Suitcase Records opening a pressing plant in Australia,” Scott says, “the first thing I noticed was their commitment to making high-quality records. Especially when other pressing facilities seem to be fighting a different battle–how do we make this cheap, how do we cut corners, etc.” 

 “I’m really looking forward to the partnership between Masterdisk and Suitcase Records and we’re excited for their clients to see the results of our hard work. We know they will be thrilled.”

Stamper House

We use NiPro Optics to create our stampers. As with Masterdisk we researched these partners carefully and chose them based on their high reputation for quality.

 Nipro was formed in July of 2005, but its roots in electroforming stretch back to the 1980’s when Tom Gross, President and CEO, first learned the technology as it related to the fabrication of  LP records.   Adapting these principles to the manufacturing of ophthalmic molds led to the creation of Optical Electro Forming, a Florida based company serving a world wide market until its sale to Sola Optical,  the second largest spectacle lens producer in the industry.

Moving to Southern California, and re-inventing itself as NiPro Optics Inc. the company expanded its technology base to serve more diverse end markets and leverage its core skills – innovation, customer centric vision, and leadership. 

The principals of NiPro Records began their careers at Superior Record Pressing, electroforming mothers and stampers for the great Motown music of the 60’s.

Rebuilding this electroforming process at its southern California facility, NiPro Records has improved on the old technology and now offers a new industry standard for plated mothers and stampers.

Records labels

Neil with record label

Because record labels are pressed onto the record as part of the printing process, special paper is required for these labels. 

We use StyleMathot,  to create these record labels for us.

StyleMathôt strives for a printing process that is as sustainable as possible. And that’s why we use bio-inks, FSC® paper and standardised sizes to produce less cutting waste. Our sustainability policy has ensured that we have several environmental certificates and we are proud of that. 


For our other printing needs, including covers, printed sleeves and inserts,  we use CCS Packaging. This Australian owned company have been offering high end packaging for 30 years,  and are a major media print supplier in Australia.

CCS Packaging aims to be at the frontier of green initiatives in our industry, rather than just following the pack. They were an early adopter in the industry of solar panels, installing a 150k solar system in 2014. They actively educate  clients on the benefits of using FSC® certified and recycled materials. Most recently, they  have become a carbon neutral business by offsetting their emissions. They also ensure our partners are ethical both in their commitment to the environment and work practices.

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