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Suitcase Showcase Vol 1


“Suitcase Showcase Volume 1 is an electric blend offering some of the best independent artists in the country. Rock, soul, country, pop, dub, jazz, punk and metal, this album has it all. Australian music fans – this is the album you created for 2023.”


What is Suitcase Showcase?

Suitcase Records is Australia’s newest vinyl pressing plant and the first in Queensland in more than 30 years.

Suitcase Showcase – Vol 1 is a compilation of some of the artists we have pressed in our first year. We had 49 artists vying to be included so we put it out to the internet and the 10 artists on the album were voted for by fans. This is the album you created.

What musicians feature on Suitcase Showcase?

Suitcase Showcase will become an annual event and Suitcase Showcase Vol 1 is your chance to be part of our origin story.

Here’s the artists featured in volume 1:

How will this help artists?

All profits from this album will go directly back to the artists who are featured. Profits will be split evenly between the artists and a separate share will go directly to Support Act who do incredible work within the Music industry.

What colour will the record be?

You can choose for your copy to be pressed in classic black or help us in our efforts to becoming zero waste by choosing our dealers choice regrind option. Dealers choice means, we will use up regrind that would otherwise be pvc. It will be colour, it may be marble and it will definitely be gorgeous.)

When will Suitcase Showcase – Vol 1 be ready?

The stampers for this album are already winging its way to us so we are expecting a delivery date of late November/December.

Just in time for Christmas!

  • Discover new music and support Australian independent artists. 
  • Featuring music from 10 rising stars in the Australian Music Scene
  • All profits will be split between the featured musicians (with a share to Support Act)
  • Choose classic black or support our eco-friendly random regrind
  • Help us hit the Aria charts before Christmas

Only $50 + shipping