Buy Darren Hanlon's "Hello Stranger" on pre-sale and pick em up from Darren himself

Buy Darren Hanlon's

There are lots of reasons we love helping artists get a great pre-sale.
It helps pay for the pressing. It helps an artist understand the demand. It helps fans support their artists.
And with this pre-sale we are adding another great reason to buy on presale. 
and you can pick up your album on Monday 29 at the Suitcase Records Factory, grab a drink with Darren and listen to him play a few of his favourite songs. 
If you live in Sydney - you can pick up your records from Impressed Recordings in Darlinghurst on 26 July. Again, Darren will be on hand to sign your album and share a little music.
Pickup numbers will be limited at both venues so click the link below and grab this great album and book your spot. 
You will be able to choose where you'd like to pick at checkout. 
See you soon!