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We know first hand how tricky it to navigate or understand the world of pressing records, thankfully we are here to help you on your way.

Pressing guides & Resources

  • Artwork Printing Info & Requirements

    Artwork Printing Info & Requirements

    Check out these guides for what we need to get your artwork printed and looking its very best
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  • Audio Specs & Requirements

    Audio Specs & Requirements

    Head here to find audio recommendations and requirements
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  • Price Lists

    Price Lists

    To get an idea of our pricing, click here (or for a custom quote, don't hesitate to get in touch)
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  • Suitcase Records Artwork Templates

    Suitcase Records Artwork Templates

    Templates for jackets, labels and other print work
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  • Sustainability


    See how we are bettering the environment with our sustainability practices
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  • Terms and Conditions for working with Suitcase Records

    Terms and Conditions for working with Suitcase Records

    Some things you need to know
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