How To: Setting Your Best Vinyl Launch Date

How To: Setting Your Best Vinyl Launch Date

Can you believe Suitcase Records is almost one year old?

Throughout our journey, we’ve watched dozens of bands and artists create and launch their albums. We’ve learned a few things along the way too, and have some valuable insights to share about making sure things run smoothly. We’ll be rolling out these learnings in upcoming posts. The question for today is “When should I book my launch?”


Set Your Launch Date After Your Test Pressing Is Green-Lit

We get it – venues need to be booked. Fans need to be notified. Press needs to be invited. But above all, you need your albums at your launch, and unlike digital media, vinyl records have a unique capacity for hiccups.

At Suitcase, we pride ourselves on using top-notch suppliers and implementing a rigorous quality assurance process right from the start. And these measures do indeed help us prevent most issues that could arise. But because vinyl is a physical product that operates in the real world, it is (like all of us) susceptible to real world things going wrong. To give you a clearer picture:

The statisticians among you will notice that your odds of getting your project without delay are, scientifically speaking, “really high”. But they aren’t 100%. Even after we’ve done everything in our power to ensure your record is as close to godliness as humanly possible, there is always room for those little analogue blips and physical blemishes.

Setting your release date after the test pressings are cleared means we can really clamp down on the final processes on-site, without the big scary question mark hanging over shipping times, third-party schedules, or above all, the variations of complicated round discs.

Of course, we’re always here for a chat. It’s never too late to brainstorm solutions, talk through timing, or chew the fat on the finer details of pressing a record – just give us a ring! Our number is (07) 3260 1653.