Proudly introducing Low Carbon PVC with Lime Cordiale

Proudly  introducing Low Carbon PVC with Lime Cordiale

We've teamed up with indie band Lime Cordiale to produce their new album Enough of the Sweet Talk using a bio-vinyl compound that reduces the Co2 output of vinyl record compound by 92.5% compared to the standard available compound on the market.

Lime Cordiale were formed in 2009 by brothers Oli and Louis Leimbach and have since become fan favourites in Triple J's Hottest 100. They're also major festival drawcards. 

The band have long been dedicated to sustainability and are actively seeking solutions to reduce their carbon footprint, especially in relation to touring. 

Amongst the many things they have done to reduce their footprint, the band have made merch out of Op Shop Wear and also created a carbon neutral beer called Largo.

And with the launch of their latest album, they are working with us to pioneer a new carbon compound to reduce the impact of producing PVC.

Of course, sound quality is an important consideration, and here at Suitcase we've done a lot of internal testing to ensure the records look as beautiful as ever with no reduction in audio quality. 

Buy Lime Cordiale's latest album Enough of the Sweet Talk here.