David Mccormack


About the artist

David Mccormack

A prolific and quirky icon of Australian indie pop, David McCormack is best known for fronting Brisbane band Custard throughout the '90s, a significant enough group to have its own dedicated fanzine called Cuszine International.

As well as innumerable side projects with the lifespan of exotic butterflies, he spent the time following Custard's breakup performing as a member of the Titanics and later as a solo performer with a backing band called the Polaroids.

His famous stage persona is self-deprecating, scruffily charming, and both boyish and world-weary. McCormack's first band, formed in 1985, was called Who's Gerald? Rumor has it they were named after Gerald Casale of Devo, an obvious influence on their discordant pop music and the shouted slogans of their choruses.