Eves Karydas


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Eves Karydas

Hannah Evyenia Karydas, known professionally as Eves Karydas, is a multifaceted music artist from Brisbane, Australia. She released her first single 'Zen' in 2014 which caught the attention of triple j's 'Next Crop' and lead to collaborations with musicians like Ian Haug of Powderfinger and Adam Spark of Birds Of Tokyo. After signing with indie label Dew Process in 2015 she released an EP under the name Eves The Behavior.

In 2017 she decided to release music under her given name, and moved to London to write her debut album. There she collaborated with Sam Dixon, known for his work with Sia and Adele, resulting in her breakout hit 'Further Than The Planes Fly,' which was her first ARIA Platinum-certified single. This period also introduced her to producer Chris Zane, with whom she produced her debut album, ‘summerskin’. With the release of 'summerskin' in 2018, Eves' music gained widespread attention, leading to sold-out tours and performances at major festivals. 

‘summerskin’ was a turning point for Eves, and the subsequent single ‘Complicated’ (2020) solidified her status as an Australian mainstay, becoming a lockdown hit and receiving significant commercial radio play and streaming success worldwide.

Her sophomore album, ‘Burnt Tapes’, set for release in mid-2024, marks a significant shift in her career approach. After a brief hiatus, this new chapter sees Eves re-emerging with a renewed sense of purpose and autonomy after making the bold decision to become fully self-managed and independent.