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Nick Griffith

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Nick Griffith

Introducing Illawarra-based multi-instrumentalist/producer Nick Griffith (FKA Bourgeois Earth)

Nick Griffith is a household name on the Sydney indie music circuit best-known for his contributions to acts including High-tails, Big White, Dream Dog and Bored Shorts.

Griffith's contribution as singer/guitarist for Big White has seen him thrice tour Europe and the States supporting acts like Ty Segal, Gang of Four and Black Lips, while single 'Bending Over Backwards' (High-tails) saw full rotation on triple j and was the ninth-most played song on the station in 2014.

While the production behind this new project may be slightly less conventional than aforementioned, (Griffith used vintage drum machines, distorted synths and recorded vocals on a secondhand Singstar mic in this track), 'Riding on my Bike', perfectly showcases Nick's knack for writing and producing hooky indie-pop anthems.