10 tracks. Fan voted. Independent music. All profits to the artists and Support Act. Are you in?

Suitcase Showcase is back for 2024! 

And because you have pressed with us, you get an automatic entry for a chance to split the profits.

Suitcase Showcase Vol 2 is our annual compilation album of Australian music and is this year sponsored by Audio Technica.


Australian music fans get to choose 10 independent artists to feature on the album

We are looking for 10 indie artists who have pressed with us - each with 1 song that we can feature on our Suitcase Showcase Volume 2 Album. 

The artists whose music we feature will split the profits between them with a share also going to Support Act


Who can enter Suitcase Showcase?

Any independent artist who has pressed with us (or put down a deposit) between 23 August 2023 and 30 July 2024. independent means they are not represented by a major label and they own the rights to their music.

Why is it only for independent artists?

The goal of this project is to support artists who might not have the backing and support of a major label. We see every day that it can be tough going alone and we want to help out where we can.

How many artists get on the album


How do I register?

Just fill in the details on this page and we'll be in touch.

How do you choose who gets on the album?

Fans vote and we will include the 10 bands or artists with the highest number of votes

How much does it cost to enter?

Nothing. It's free

How much could we make?

Well we are pressing 300 records. If we sell them all, each artist (and also Support Act) could make around $550.

What order will the artist be listed?

To keep things fair, we will list the artists in the order that they register with us. So don't delay!