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Poison Oak These Suburban Dreams

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These Suburban Dreams is the band’s first album after the
release of three EP’s and a huge range of singles. The
album consists of ten tracks. Found Myself, Spent,
Apocalypse, Therapy, Homesick, Around My Head, Open
My Eyes, Suburban Dreams, Waking Dry and Forgetting
About You.

The album dives through a range of tones and emotions
through Poison Oak’s staple indie rock sound, with a
touch of punk that glues the LP together. It begins with
the anthem rock sounds of Found Myself, moving through
to the catchy indie tones of Apocalypse. There is Therapy,
a throwback to the alternative tones of 90’s rock.
Homesick, a more melodic ballad that lyrically drives to a
dynamic climax. Around my Head, that captures the band
more darker rock tones. Suburban Dreams, capturing the
band’s signature punk and rock sound. Then finishing with
the more introspective sounds of Waking Dry and ending
on the nostalgic acoustic ballad, Forgetting About You.


After five years of singles and Eps’, These Suburban
Dreams is the band’s first consolidation of their
signature sound. Capturing the lyrical narrative that
this dream of the ‘white picket fence’, while living in
the suburbia, isn’t all that great.

Poison Oak These Suburban Dreams